Established in the year 1961
Affiliated to University of Calcutta | NAAC Accredited
College working hour 2:00 P.M. to 8:15 P.M.
Vidyasagar Evening College
Address : 39, Sankar Ghosh Lane, Kolkata-700006.
Phone : +91 033 2241 9508, +91 33 6459 7118
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Notice for Students

22.11.2017 : Teacher -in Charge
Prof. Arunava Misra will act as Teacher-in Charge in absence of Principal from 23.11.2017 to 29.11.2017.
12.08.2017 : Revised Class Routine 2017-18
All classes including 2nd and 3rd year will be held as per revised routine on and from 16.8.2017.
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29.06.2017 : IQAC 2017-19
The members of the IQAC are as follows Principal S.Joardar Coordinator, Prof. A.Misra, Dr. P.Banerjee Prof. Sarajit Sardar Dr. D.Banerjee Dr. D.Joddar Dr. Sabuj Chadhury Dr. Samir Kumar Ghosh Sri Sumit Manna
22.06.2017 : Holiday Notice
College will remain closed on Monday 26.6.2017 due to Id-ul-Fitre.
22.06.2017 : Departmental Meeting of Commerce faculty
All the faculty members associated with teaching of the department of commerce are requested to meet at 3.00 PM on Wednesday 28.6.2017 in the Principal room.
22.06.2017 : Students'' Feedback
All outgoing students completing U.G. degree course from this college are directed to fill up on line Students'' Feed back form before collecting Part III marks sheet from college office.
17.7.2017 B.A. General 3.00 PM. 17.7.2017 B.Sc. General 4.00 PM. 19.7.2017 B.Sc. Honours Geography and Physiology 3.00 PM. 19.7.2017 B.Sc. Honours Mathematics and Physics 4.30 PM. 20.7.2017 B.Com. Honours and General 3.00 PM. 20.7.2017 B.A. Honours Bengali, English and Political Science 5.00 PM
21.06.2017 : IQAC decisions

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12.05.2017 : Summer recess
Summer recess of the college will commence from 16.5.2017 and will continue up to 30.6.2017.Except special/remedial classes normal classes will remain suspended.All the teaching and non teaching are supposed to be available during working hours for different assignments like University Examination, Admission for the 2017-18 academic session, Preparation of Academic audit reports, normal office jobs and others to be notified in due course.
05.05.2017 : Academic Audit
All the Heads of the honours teaching departments are requested to submit (if not yet done) the academic audit report (teaching and learning) for all the three years for the session 2016-17 in the suggested format by June 1, 2017.
02.05.2017 : Online/Off line form fill up for B.A/B.Sc Part I Hons & General Examination 2017.
Online/Off line form fill up for B.A/B.Sc Part I Hons & General Examination 2017 will commence from 08.5.2017 and continue up to 22.5.2017. Students are directed to see college notice board for detail programme. ALL CANDIDATES HAVE TO SUBMIT HARD COPIES OF THE DOWN LOADED FORMS TO THE COLLEGE OFFICE FOR SUBMISSION TO THE UNIVERSITY.
02.05.2017 : Holiday on 9th & 10th May.
College will remain closed on May 9 and 10, 2017 for Rabindra Jayanti and Buddha Purnima respectively.
02.05.2017 : Academic subcommittee meeting on 05.5.2017.
A meeting of the academic subcommittee will be held on 05.5.2017 at 5.00 pm in the Principal room (new building). All the Heads of the departments, conveners of examination, result, routine and admission subcommittees are requested to attend.Agenda: i) Preparation of Academic Audit Report for the session 2016-17. ii) Miscellaneous.
27.04.2017 : M.A/M.Sc Geography Part II Admission 2016 -17
Admission open from May 3, 2017. Contact office Fees Rs. 20650/-
25.04.2017 : Holiday on Mayday
College will remain closed on Monday May 1, 2017 on account of May Day.
24.04.2017 : Issue of Admit Card for B.Com Part II Examination 2017
Admit Cards for B.Com Part II Examination will be issued on and from Wednesday 26.4.2017 (4 PM - 6 PM). Provisional admission to the 3rd year class must be taken on or before 10.6.2017
24.04.2017 : STUDENT''S FEEDBACK
Students are directed to fill up online feedback form (compulsory) available in the college website on and from May 15, 2017 before collecting C.U. examination marks sheet.
29.03.2017 : C.U B.SC III CEMG Prac Exam 2017
Vidyasagar Evening CollegeNotice-29/9/2017This is for information of all concerned that C.U B.Sc Part-III (1+1+1) Chemistry General Practical Examination,2017 will be held on 07/04/2017 and 10/04/2017 at Vidyasagar Evening College Centre from 3p.m to 6 p.m as per attached detailed program.
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06.01.2017 : Student Union Election 2016
With reference to the official notification of the University of Calcutta (Notification No-C/636/Students Union Election dated 26.12.16) it is hereby notified that the Election to the Students Union of the College, of the year 2016-17 will be held on 28.01.2017.
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04.07.2016 : Holiday & Teachers assignment

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27.06.2016 : Workshop postponed
"Due to unavoidable circumstances, the workshop on ''Application of statistical technique in research methodology'', scheduled to be held on 30th June - 1st July 2016, has been temporarily postponed. The final dates of the workshop will be notified soon."
20.06.2016 : Faculty Development Programme

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14.06.2016 : Health check up at "Susasthya"

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10.06.2016 : Extended date for C.U.Part I form fill up

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07.06.2016 : Employability cum trainning programme

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27.05.2016 : 1st year admission

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17.05.2016 : Holiday

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17.05.2016 : C.U.Part I Form fill up
Last date of submission of B.A/B.Sc/B.Com part I C.U. Exam form 20.5.2016.
14.05.2016 : Class suspension during summer recess

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25.04.2016 : Suspension work for requisition of college building by election commision

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11.04.2016 : Holiday & Suspension of work

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29.03.2016 : C.U. B.A/B.Sc/B.Com Part II Examination Form fill up on 4.4.2016
Eligible students who have not yet filled up C.U. Part II Examination form are directed to fill up the same positively on 4.4.2016.
28.03.2016 : C.U. Part I Examination Form fill up
B.A/B.Sc/B.Com C.U. Part I Examination 2016 Form fill up for casual students are going on from 29.3.2016 and will continue up to 2.4.2016.
28.03.2016 : C.U. Part III Chemistry General Practical Examination.
C.U. Part III Chemistry General Practical Examination 2016 will be held on Saturday 9.4.2016 from 3.00 PM onward. Candidates are directed to report to College Laboratory by 2.30 PM with admit cards and other belongings.
21.03.2016 : College Closed on 22.3.2016
College will remain closed on Tuesday,22.3.2016 for carrying out renovation and painting works of the college building.
18.03.2016 : Academic Committee Meeting

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17.03.2016 : Annual Cultural Function
Annual Cultural Function will be held on Monday, 28.3.2016 from 12PM on wards in Calcutta University Centenary Hall. All the regular students are directed attend the function.
16.03.2016 : Voluntary Blood Donation Camp
A Voluntary Blood Donation Camp will be organised Alumni Association and Students'' Union on Monday 21.3.2016 in the Iswar Chandra Shabha Ghar from 2PM onwards. All the students and the staff members are requested to extend cooperation and donate blood after medical check up.
15.03.2016 : Holiday
College will remain closed from 23.3.16 to 26.3.16 on account of Doljatra, Holi,Good Friday & Easter Saturday
09.03.2016 : Class suspension for Test Examination
All normal classes of the session 2015-16 will remain suspended from 11.03.2016 due to C.U. and Test Examination. However special/remedial classes will be arranged by the respective department in consultation with the routine and examination committee.
03.03.2016 : Holiday
College will remain closed on Monday March 7,2016 on account of Shibaratri
26.02.2016 : Reshedule of date of Part I Compulsary Language Examination

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23.02.2016 : Cyber Library facility
Students and faculty members are requested to use the Cyber Library facility and give feedback to the librarian for further improvement. The users are also requested to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the Library.
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23.02.2016 : 1 st year Test Examination
1st year Test Examination will commence on and from 2nd week of March 2016. For detail Programme see college notice board.
20.02.2016 : C.U.Part I B.A/B.Sc/B.Com Compulsary Language Examination
B.Com 03.3.2016 11AM BNGL/HINL, 2PM CMECB.A/B.Sc 09.03.2016 11AM BNGM/HINM, 2PM ENGC
15.02.2016 : Attention Ex Students
All the ex students of Vidyasagar Evening College are requested to assemble in the New Building(Room No. 113) at 6.45 p.m on 20/2/2016 to meet the members of the Alumni Association and to enroll themselves as the member of the above association. They are also requested to get enrolled through the link provided in College Website.
15.02.2016 : 2nd year Test Examination and C.U. Form fill up
2nd year test examination 2016 will commence on and from 22.2.2016 followed by Part II C.U. Examination form fill up. Detail Program is displayed in the college notice board.
15.02.2016 : Class suspension for Test Examination
Normal classes for all the years will remain suspended from 22.02.2016 to 29.02.2016 for 2nd year Test Examination.
11.02.2016 : Test Notice VEC 06
Test Notice VEC 06 without attachment
11.02.2016 : Test Notice VEC 07
Test Notice VEC 07 with attachment
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10.02.2016 : Test Notice VEC 05
Test Notice VEC 05 description edited
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09.02.2016 : Program Schedule for our seminar on February 10, 2016
One day State Level Seminar on "A road map from Ancient Indian Mathematics to the Birth of Real Analysis"
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09.02.2016 : Registration check list
1st year students are directed to check their individual personal data given the university registration data sheet available in the office within 18.2.2016.
30.01.2016 : Change of Head, Chemistry Department
Prof. (Dr.) Tapan Kumar Lai will act as head of the Department of Chemistry from 01.02.2016 onwards.
29.01.2016 : IT Declaration for F.Y 2015-16
All the staff members who have not submitted declaration of savings for 2015-16 financial year till date, are requested to submit the same at an earliest ALONG WITH HBL CERTIFICATE FROM BANK SHOWING PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST PORTION OF THE REPAYMENT and Receipt of Mediclaim premium to avoid any delay in computation of Salary for the month of January 2016.Please treat the matter as urgent.Bursar
28.01.2016 : Staff Notice
All the teaching and non teaching staff are requested to put their signature in the acquittance roll positively within 6th of each month.Moreover all of them are also requested to submit declaration for house rent allowance in the prescribed format in the month of March, June & December every year.
22.01.2016 : NAAC
All the teachers, Non teaching Staffs and students are requested to assemble in Ishwar Chandra Shavaghar at 6.00 PM on Saturday, 30.01.2016 for an open house discussion and interaction with the NAAC coordinating Body. They are also requested to positively attend college to face the peer team mock visit on Friday, 26.2.2016 from 2.00 PM onwards.All concerned stake holders are also requested to keep in touch with the college website to make themselves updated about all college events as notices are regularly displayed in the website.
20.01.2016 : Holiday
The college remain closed from 23.01.16 to 26.01.16 for Netaji's Birthday,University foundation Day, Maghotstov and republic Day respectively.
19.01.2016 : IQAC

19.01.2016 : AQAR
Departmental input for AQARHeads of the departments are requested to furnish the following input in consultation with departmental colleagues to the undersigned by 30.01.2016. 1. Student Feedback analysis report and initiative for quality enhancement.2. No of Faculty recruited during current A.Y. (Full time/Guest).3. No of Faculty vacant during current A.Y. (Full time/Guest).4. Faculty participation Attended(A), Presented paper(P), Resource Person(R) :Name Date Nature International/National/State 5. Innovative practice adopted in Teaching and Learning.6. Class Tests held in different classes.7. Measures initiated to improve the performance.8. Average % of attendance up to mid term/ test examination.9. Measures planned to be initiated to improve students’ attendance.10. Faculty participation in RC/OP/ Short term course.11. Details regarding research project.Name Title out lay (Rs.) Completed/Ongoing/sanctioned/submitted12. Details regarding research publication.Peer review /Non- peer review journal/conference proceedings/e-journal13. No of books available in the departmental library.14. Name of the faculty/staff completed ICT course work.15. Amount spent for procuring new equipments (give number also) for Laboratory.16. No of faculty using LCD projector/digital board to deliver lecture.17. Number of students admitted in P.G. course in current year.18. Details of student counseling and career guidance program conducted.19. Details of campus placement.20. Any suggestion for quality enhancement of the department.
19.01.2016 : Fresh enrollment for poor attendance
All the students of the 3rd year Commerce Honours and General class are having extremely poor percentage of attendance in the current session and so will no longer be considered as regular students. These students are directed to deposit Rs. 1000/- for fresh enrollment in their respective classes.
05.01.2016 : State Level Seminar on 09.01.2016
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15.12.2015 : One-day Seminar on 21-12-2015
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14.08.2015 : The Upcoming Events.
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27.07.2015 : Commencement of classes for the session 2015-2016.
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24.07.2015 : Notice for Anti-Ragging and Anti-Harassment Measures of The College.
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04.06.2015 : Induction / Orientation Programme of 1st year Session 2015-16.
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04.06.2015 : Notice for short term training programme.
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12.05.2015 : Important Notice for 2015-2016.
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