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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


The IQAC of the College is dedicated to its primary objective of quality enhancement. It aims to develop the College by implementing steps which would go to ensure the overall performance of the institution. It monitors the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the College to enhance and sustain its growth as an academic institution. Since the task of enhancing and sustaining the quality of an institution is a continuous process, the members of the Cell are constantly on the vigil to ensure this objective through regular meetings, discussions, deliberations as well as through the successful execution of its resolutions.


    2013 (NOVEMBER, 30th)

  • Subscription to INFLIBNET.
  • Opening M.Sc. Courses in Geography and DCNM.
  • Subdividing the Academic subcommittee into Routine, Examination and Results subcommittees.
  • 2014 (JANUARY, 18th)

  • Flooring of Central Library with marble stones.
  • Change in working hours of the College.
  • Introduction of biometric attendance system in the old building.
  • 2014 (MARCH, 08th)

  • Installation of CCTV in the new building.
  • Installation of the biometric attendance system.
  • Introduction of fire safety system in the new building.
  • 2014 (JUNE, 03rd)

  • Formation of Students’ Activity Clubs under the supervision of teachers.
  • Organization of Science Exhibition in the College inviting local schools and colleges for the purpose of creation of general awareness about science as well as interest about science among young population.
  • Proposal for beautification of the campus along with extension of students’ facilities through setting up a multi-gym, a basketball court and an open-air theatre.
  • 2014 (AUGUST, 23rd)

  • Proposal for construction of 3rd floor rooms.
  • Proposal for introduction of Value Education Programs for students and staffs.
  • The Necessity of FDP of faculty members for self development.
  • 2014 (NOVEMBER, 12th)

  • Installation of AC machines in the labs, staff room, office and Principal’s room in the 2nd floor.
  • Automation of Central Library.
  • Renovation of Auditorium with sound absorbing wall and installation of improved sound system and overhead projection system.
  • Arrangement of Wi-fi facility in the 2nd floor of new building.
  • Purchase of students’ data management software to be used for ready reckoning.
  • 2014 (DECEMBER, 06th)

  • Software training for office staff.
  • Installation of rooftop solar PV system for the purpose of lighting the stairs, toilets and corridors in the new building.
  • Installation of LED lights in the stairs, toilets and lobbies in the new building.
  • To adopt new work plan by the library with extension of library working hours.
  • Installation of additional AC machines in the 2nd floor (office, staff room and labs) in the new building to optimize cooling.
  • Making an arrangement for regular Health Monitoring of college staff / students through appointment of a qualified medical personnel and availing the facilities lying with the Physiology department.
  • IQAC authorizes the coordinator to check the PBAS relating to promotion of the Teachers and forward the PBAS contents to the Principal for further action.
  • 2015 (MARCH, 10th)

  • Introduction of feedback collection system from the 1st year students to improve faculty performance.
  • Broadening of working space in the office of the new building, if possible, for comfortable interaction of the office staff with the students.
  • Introduction of smart classroom facility in the newly set up auditorium.
  • Setting up a rooftop herbal garden.
  • 2015 (MAY, 16th)

  • Creation of an interdisciplinary Study Circle to broaden the fields of research activities among the faculties.
  • Proposal of arranging a joint seminar among the departments of Physics of the three Colleges (VCFW, VC and VEC).
  • Proposal to arrange a seminar on Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practice through the departments of Economics and Commerce.
  • Arranging an awareness Program on Environment and Cancer.
  • Flooring of staff room in the new building using marble stones.
  • 2015 (AUGUST, 19th)

  • To conduct workshop on Pain Management.
  • To arrange separate reading space for teachers in the Central Library.
  • Introduction of regular M.A. course in Bengali.
  • To optimize the number of supporting staff through appointment of group C and group D staff for the office and security personnel as well out of college fund.
  • 2015 (DECEMBER, 04)

  • Final review of SSR and making necessary corrections before submission.
  • Final drafting of IEQA for its inclusion in the SSR.
  • Taking long term plan to introduce honours course in Chemistry and Economics.
  • Introduction of group insurance for staff members.
  • Introduction of health insurance for students.
  • Making provision for rain water harvesting.
  • Increasing the capacity of rooftop solar PV plant and to link with the power grid of electricity board (CESC).
  • 2016 (MARCH, 07)

  • Installation of sanitary napkin vending machine and incinerator in lady’s wash room.
  • Purchase of an Identity card printer.
  • Installation of a colour printer and a photocopier for staff and student’s use at college library / computer laboratory.
  • Departmental organization of last five years data for presentation before NAAC peer team along with a brief power point presentation.
  • 2016 (APRIL, 30)

  • Resolved that notice to be issued mentioning dates for department wise presentation of departmental profile before the IQAC.
  • Electrical wiring and renovation works in the old building to be completed by July, 15th, 2016.
  • IQAC requested the campus development committee to speed up campus beautification work immediately after the election embargo is withdrawn.
  • Red Coloured points : Yet to be implemented/hold
  • Blue coloured points : Partly implemented

Constitution / Composition of the IQAC

  • Chairman : Dr. R. S. Gangopadhyay, Principal
  • Prof. S. Joardar, Coordinator
  • Prof. A. Mishra
  • Dr. P. Banerjee
  • Prof. Sarajit Sardar
  • Dr. D. Banerjee
  • Dr. D. Joddar
  • Sri Sumit Manna
  • Dr. Sabuj Chadhury (External Member)
  • Dr. Samir Kumar Ghosh (External Member)

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